Router 4G 3 Italia PocketCube disegnato da 21am. Un router domestico 4G con una base fissa e un dispositivo portatile, unite da un aggancio magnetico.

4G Router 3 Italia PocketCube

2015 ICT CMF Industrial design Interaction design Mechanical design Product design

The search for ever more flexible, innovative and fast solutions has accompanied the evolution of the internet connection from the very beginning: on the one hand, the wired home network, capable of providing high performance but impossible to move, on the other the mobile network, extremely flexible but not as effective. With PocketCube we wanted to respond to this impasse by creating a product that combines the internet connection of a mobile network with the reliable performance of a wired home network. PocketCube is a 4G home router with a fixed base, and a portable device joined by a magnetic coupling. The fixed base optimises connection performance via additional Wi-Fi antennas, which prevent interference with 4G antennas while helping to cool the power components. The portable device allows you to take your home network with you wherever you go.

Accurarata scelta di finiture e dettalgi per dare identità alle due componenti del router 4G 3 Italia PocketCube disegnato da 21am
Le indicazioni di stato di funzionamento emergono dietro la superficie lucida del PocketCube 3 Italia di 21am