Launcher Android per anziani assistiti Genera ONLUS disegnato da 21am per Noon Care, vincitore di Special Award For Social Innovation SIOS 2018

Android launcher for assisted elderly Genera ONLUS

2017 Social services GUI Interaction design Service design UI / UX

Simplifying the lives of dependent people and their carers through technology is not only possible but is one guiding theme in our research. On this basis, we have been working on the experimental project of the Noon Care Android Launcher to offer an easier use of smartphones by the elderly and their caregivers. The Launcher is an application for Android devices that completely replaces the original phone interface, allowing remote location by the caregiver, offering simplified commands and a calendar that, through special reminders, notifies the elderly of any activities and medication to take. Reminders are displayed full screen and require the user's reading confirmation recorded in the management platform. Scheduling the address book and tasks, controlling response to notifications and location is accessible from a dedicated caregiver application, designed and developed in-house with progressive web app technology. We created the Android Launcher, Noon Care's first product, in collaboration with the Genera social cooperative focusing on its management of the assisted village Grace. We built a new system of relationships between caregivers and assisted by turning a simple smartphone into a daily care tool.

SIOS 2018 award per Noon Care Launcher disegnato da 21am Special award for Social innovation SIOS 2018
Il launcher Android per anziani assistiti Genera ONLUS disegnato da 21am per Noon Care semplifica la vita delle persone non autosufficienti e dei loro caregiver.
Il caregiver può controllare e configurare il telefono del proprio assistito grazie alla Progressive Web App disegnata da 21am per Noon Care