App By-clima per la gestione da mobile del clima Vimar, disegnata e sviluppata da 21am, integra il controllo di termostati con diverse tecnologie

By-clima App for remote management of Vimar climate

2013 Smart home GUI Interaction design UI / UX

The environment we live in reflects who we are: the link between the home and those who live in it has found a new expression in intelligent home automation. In this perspective, the possibility of having the indoor climate under control at any time seemed essential to us. With the By-clima app for Vimar we wanted to guarantee this aspect and a completely revised, intuitive and straightforward user experience, far from the complex and always different interfaces that often result from an uncritical transposition of mechanical commands into the digital dimension. We came up with a circular programming mode, which has since become a benchmark in the sector, that exploits the potential of touch interfaces. The temperature variation over time set for the thermostat is represented in sections, each coloured according to the value and arranged on a crown corresponding to the 24 hours of the day. Just touch one of them to change its start and end time, extend or shorten its limits, choose a colour to assign the temperature, drag one day onto another to copy its programming. By-clima is specifically designed to remotely set and control thermostats and chronothermostats directly via smartphone. It was the first smart home app to be available on Android, iOS and UWP, able to communicate consistently with four devices simultaneously, via SMS, audio encoding and cloud. We wanted By-clima to be a unique app, telling the story of new ties woven between us and our homes.

21am ha creato un innovativo strumento di programmazione della termoregolazione per l'app Vimar By-clima
L'app By-clima, disegnata e sviluppata da 21am per Vimar, è stata la prima applicazione smart home ad essere disponibile su Android, iOS e UWP