App By- Door per comando da mobile della videocitofonia Vimar disegnata da 21am, sviluppo prototipale di soluzione di comando remoto delle chiamate

By-door App for remote control of Vimar video entry system

2014 Smart home GUI Interaction design UI / UX

By-door is a pilot project conducted for Vimar and linked to the context of transition between analogue and digital video entry systems, created to demonstrate the potential of transferring control of the video entry system in the home to a smartphone, and therefore anywhere. It is a simple application with a distinct experimental character, which investigates the potential and limits of using telephone language in a profoundly different context. Immediacy and effectiveness guided us in creating this product to simplify and interpret an everyday action in a new way.

Ai fini della validazione di una nuova proposta di servizio, 21am ha disegnato l'per Vimar l'app prototipale By- Door per comando remoto della videocitofonia