Quality Control digitale ITM Titan TrackAdvice disegnato da 21am, trasforma il sistema di rilevamento usura in gestione magazzino predittiva

Digital Quality Control ITM TrackAdvice

2017 Industry 4.0 GUI Interaction design Service design UI / UX

Enhance, simplify, foresee. These are the cornerstones on which we built the TrackAdvice project for ITM, a multinational manufacturer of spare parts for construction equipment. It developed from the need for a complex digital solution capable of recording the inspections carried out by technicians on-site, analysing them against historical wear data to calculate the potential breaking point of the part, thus providing practical and decisive indications. TrackAdvice consists of a mobile application for retrieving track wear data in the field and a web interface for recording and managing inspections, orders and monitoring. It enables ITM customers to keep their machines running with scheduled maintenance based on actual data and accurate wear predictions while sharing information with ITM to help schedule production and spare parts deliveries. We designed TrackAdvice to meet different needs with a single tool because we believe in data analysis's simplicity and efficiency.

Grazie all'app mobile di gestione interventi per ITM Titan TrackAdvice disegnata da 21am, la misurazione sul campo viene acquisita in tempo reale.
L'interfaccia web per la registrazione e la gestione delle ispezioni, degli ordini e del monitoraggio è il cuore del Quality Control digitale ITM Titan TrackAdvice disegnato da 21am.
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