App mobile di gestione smarthome Vimar View disegnata da 21am, da vita ad un linguaggio nativamente digitale per la domotica grazie al confronto con gli utenti

Mobile app for smarthome system Vimar View

2019 Smart home GUI Interaction design UI / UX

When market rules are constantly changing, companies' design, development and communication of their offerings are also continually evolving, fuelled by the increasingly prevalent use of connectivity in digital technologies. We started from the idea of "connection" to tackle a long and intense process of conceiving and defining a natively digital language for Vimar's intelligent home systems. We re-read every single function of the building automation systems, put them into the context of daily use, and identified the most exciting aspects in the contemporary domestic scenario. Together with Vimar, we have defined what should be more conveniently accessible, and we have brought it into people's hands through a new digital tool: View. This mobile application unites all of Vimar's intelligent solutions and connects them with the internet and the user. It is an operating system for managing our home at the service of our needs and habits. Functions are organised according to the most common search criteria, investigated through intense user test sessions. Thanks to the most advanced digital technologies, we have faced, on the one hand, the extreme richness, heterogeneity and complexity of the system functions. On the other hand, the maximum variability of the devices and their applications: light control, shutters, climate, video entry system, alarm, consumption and energy, music are integrated coherently in the Vimar View dimension. In the design phase, we based our work on a clear and rigorous compositional and visual rules system. We adopted the language and technical expedients to allow the design toolkit to grow and evolve quickly, emphasising the contents where linearity and coherence shape the strong character of the application. With Vimar View, we wanted to tell the story of the digital transformation of the home environment with a new and flexible language that can reflect its constant evolution.

Grazie alla sua ricchezza grafica, l'app Vimar View disegnata da 21am espone con chiarezza ogni dettaglio sullo stato della casa
La funzione di creazione di viste ambientate dell'app Vimar View disegnata da 21am permette di rappresentare gli oggetti in maniera più attraente