Telefono cellulare per bambini Giomax bPhone U-10 disegnato da 21am, offre ai genitori la sicurezza di sapere dove sono i propri bambini con un SMS

Mobile phone for children Giomax bPhone U-10

2013 ICT CMF Industrial design Interaction design Mechanical design Product design Service design UI / UX

Educating children to establish a healthy relationship with technology in an increasingly chaotic and fast-paced world is one of the most difficult challenges parents face today. For this reason, we set out to give parents a safe tool to place in their children's hands to stay close and watch over them. We designed the bPhone U10 to be the first mobile phone certified for children, specifically designed for use from 36 months of age. We coated safe construction solutions with soft and playful shapes, using antibacterial material to create a phone with the lowest SAR index value on the market. bPhone U10 has up to ten days of battery life and a configuration system managed via SMS and an LBS and GPS based location system, through which authorised numbers can request the child's location at any time. Its child-friendly design features a simple, text-free interface for instant communication with three safe contacts. bPhone U10 fosters conscious use of technology in children as a tool for communication and safety in situations of danger or need. We followed bPhone U10 to the large-scale retailers and shops of the country's largest telephone operator and learned how alive and well the demand for such an object was.

Il bPhone U-10 disegnato da 21am combina colori vivaci con un'elegante superfice perlata, utilizzando materiali atossici e antibatterici.
Un telefono cellulare per bambini come il bPhone U-10 disegnato da 21am deve poter essere usato da tutti, per questo usa colori e icone per i comandi.