Interfaccia per il monitoraggio RSA Teiacare Ancelia disegnata da 21am, permette il controllo e la gestione dello stato di pazienti allettati

Monitoring solution for care homes Teiacare Ancelia

2020 Health care GUI Interaction design UI / UX

The management of dependent older people is an issue that is more topical than ever and of particular concern to us. Cost constraints and high-quality requirements force care facilities to look for new solutions to increase the efficiency of caregivers. Yet, technology has come to offer potentialities that can make a difference if applied. We designed the operator and supervisor interfaces of Teiacare's ANCELIA system to make their use accessible to everyone. With easy-to-interpret commands and indications, guided operations and simplified information, we help residential care homes take advantage of the ANCELIA optical detector to assist their residents better. ANCELIA tells caregivers when to take care of a patient, collects care confirmations from staff, alerts them by employing notifications when residents attempt to get out of bed, limiting the risk of falls. With the work on the ANCELIA interface, we wanted to promote a new model of residential care for the elderly that integrates artificial intelligence into the service offered. It benefits the residents and the operators, providing them with a tool that makes their work less tiring and more effective.

Grazie all'app mobile parte del sistema Teiacare Ancelia disegnato da 21am il personale delle RSA può controllare lo stato di pazienti allettati
Grazie alla dashboard web parte del sistema Teiacare Ancelia disegnato da 21am la direzione delle RSA può visualizzare statistiche sull'assistenza erogata