Dispositivo di sicurezza Wi4B Man-Down disegnato da 21am per monitorare i rischi resistendo a qualsiasi condizione ambientale

Safety device Wi4B Man-Down

2020 ICT CMF Industrial design Mechanical design Product design

Ensuring the safety of people at work and preventing accidents is a priority in all areas. It becomes a challenge in critical working environments, where work dynamics are many and sometimes unpredictable. Wi4B, which specialises in radio services for industrial applications and sensors for real-time data analysis, asked us to shape a new device that would meet expectations of reduced consumption and attention to workers' safety. We came up with Man-Down, a physical control and communication device produced in a small series, with unique mechanical and chemical performance. Man-Down is designed to be worn on the belt in critical work environments: with its sensors, it monitors movements, interacts with other intelligent elements present, detects anomalies, and manages the levels of communication necessary in case of emergency. The device's geometry is carefully designed to provide aesthetic quality and maximise usability. Man-Down withstands all environmental conditions thanks to its special silicone sealing component and is easy to handle even when wearing heavy work gloves. We also sought innovation in materials and moulding solutions, different from the traditional high-temperature injection, aiming at reasonable costs for a small series, which meet the needs of a complex and unique market such as the one in which Wi4B operates.

Il dispositivo di sicurezza Wi4B Man-Down disegnato da 21am si avvale di soluzioni innovative per la produzione della scocca