Pulsantiera Scratch Abaco Computers Board disegnata da 21am. Strumento di gioco e apprendimento divertente, allegro e colorato.

Scratch pad Abaco Computers Board

2010 Gaming CMF Industrial design Mechanical design Product design

They say that you learn by playing, but we think that you play by learning. Abaco Board is a fun, cheerful and colourful learning and playing tool for children to learn software development. It is an input device with internal and external sensors, designed specifically to interact with the MIT Scratch programming language. We have paid particular attention to the design of Abaco Board to ensure that the commands are easy to read, even in the case of perception deficits. We have chosen contrasting materials with playful solutions in terms of both colour and volume; PMMA, a shiny material, and ABS, which outlines the shape of the human face. With the principles of playful didactics in mind, we wanted to make children the protagonists of a game that would expand their knowledge and skills: after all, the things we learn as children are not easily forgotten.

Sensori e pulsanti si trasformano in dettagli antropomorfi per dare vita giocosa alla pulsantiera Scratch Abaco Board disegnata da 21am.
Attento uso dei colori ed attenzione ai livelli di contrasto permettono ad Abaco Board di essere adatto anche a bambini affetti da deficit visivi.