The project

"Digital technologies now emit 4% of greenhouse gas emissions and its energy consumption is increasing by 9% a year."" (The Shift Project report, 2019).

With this awareness, when we started developing the new website together with MF Labs, we asked ourselves what were the best tools to develop a proper graphic project able to convey our identity and, at the same time, to reduce our website’s carbon footprint as much as possible.

We therefore carried out a careful work of image compression, balancing the ratio between quality and weight. Through the use of new formats conversions, specifically designed for the web, we were able to achieve up to 95% reduction in terms of bytes for each single image. Now we can offer you the quality of a story which is rich in images but with super fast loading speed and with the minimum consumption of server’s resources. Each image has been inserted in a "tailor-made" structure specifically designed on our graphic project, with no CMS, shrinking down the code to the necessary in order to execute each function by maintaing the consumption of computing resources to the minimum. Finally, we chose Aruba’s hosting service, which offers us the guarantee that its datacenters are powered exclusively by renewable sources.