App Video Door per controllo della videocitofonia Vimar disegnata da 21am, touchpoint digitale per accedere a funzioni familiari e trovarne di impensabili.

Video Door App for remote control of Vimar video entry system

2016 Smart home GUI Interaction design UI / UX

Research into the potential of video door entry systems using smartphones, which began with By-door, led two years later to the interface for Video Door, an app with broader functions that meets more complex needs. Using Video Door, it is possible to communicate with more than one video entry system, such as the one in the home and office, or, if the flat is part of a complex, to contact other apartments or the concierge by call or text. To create Video Door, we started by defining a digital language. We then moved on to develop the organisation of the contents, the logic of interaction and the visual language based on an in-depth study of the product's distinct features. We borrowed processes typical of the world of telephony to create what we imagined to be a tool of discovery: a place to access familiar functions and discover unthinkable ones.

L'app di videocitofonia Vimar Video Door disegnata da 21am si adatta perfettamente a differenti dispositivi.
Un punto di accesso a tutte le le funzioni di videocitofonia grazie all'app Vimar Video Door disegnata da 21am.