App View Wireless per la configurazione del sistema smart home Vimar disegnata da 21am, accompagna passo passo nella configurazione di sistemi wireless

View Wireless App for the configuration of the Vimar smart home system

2019 Smart home GUI Interaction design Service design UI / UX

Exploiting the flexibility of the radio connection to simplify the insertion of smart components in existing or smaller installations is the objective that prompted Vimar to start developing View Wireless at the beginning of 2019. It is a totally new range of smart components for civil series that exploit low-consumption radio connections (Bluetooth mesh, Zigbee and Enocean) to connect to a small Wi-Fi gateway that allows them to be controlled remotely. In this way, intelligent control of even a single function replaces complex wiring throughout the system, all achieved by adding the smart component to the Vimar gateway or third-party devices such as Amazon Echo. When Vimar asked us to work on the mobile configuration app, we wanted to make it as innovative, essential and accessible as the products it controls, revolutionising the user experience for installers and savvy end customers for the better. The View Wireless app is designed to support associating smart devices to your system and configuration step by step. We started from the visual language of View and enriched it with graphic and animated elements that help the user without slowing down the process. View Wireless is flexible, designed to evolve, a tool that accompanies the constant growth and differentiation of its fields of application, from the control of lights and temperature in our home to the management of rooms in a large hotel complex.

L'app View Wireless disegnata da 21am accompagna nell’inserimento di componenti smart in impianti già esistenti grazie alle funzionalità wireless
Arricchito di elementi grafici e animati che aiutano senza rallentare, il linguaggio di View Wireless disegnato da 21am rende anche la configurazione semplice