21am is an impossible time. Two measuring systems chase each other on the clock's dial that holds them together, without ever visibly meeting. Each turn, though seemingly identical to the previous one, has yet to be lived.

We founded 21am in 2009 and picked an unsettling name for something that wasn't there before; an intense dialogue between the real and the digital world. Aesthetics and user experience, design and functionality, matter and fragmentation, are just like hours, in permanent chase, and only when intersecting do they give each other substance. Twenty-one, like the century we live in, we represent our time through a name pronounceable in all the world's languages.

We are a studio with a dual personality; two approaches and two sensitivities, creative and reflective, accompany a product's idea throughout its execution. We are craftsmen who put themselves on the line, establishing an ongoing dialogue with individuals, SMEs, start-ups and companies to undertake an active path of project discovery. We are conductors who manage complex systems, each time involving the competent professionals needed to grow. We are explorers who seek a project's potential together with those who are part of it; we share our knowledge and set no limits to our continuous learning.

Over the years, we created innovative products, supporting the development of industrial models that reduce environmental impact as much as possible. We connected people by implementing solutions for responsible digitalisation. We worked on projects that put the needs of the most vulnerable at the centre. We helped companies deliver new, high-performance and straightforward tools to their employees. We have tackled the health emergency by designing new solutions to manage it. Our paths intertwined with a thousand others, and we learnt one more thing at every crossroads.

We believe in projects that are good stories to write side-by-side with those wishing to tell it. We like to make things happen, especially those that seem impossible at first.


Andrea Alessandri, Adam James Cavallari, Mattia Ferrari, Fanqi Guan, Shruti Ranade, Victor Rosas, Eleonora Serra, Dean Zhang, Ottavia Zorzi.


Our projects have received the following awards: 2022 iF Design Award Product – Telecommunication/Award, 2022 iF Design Award Product – Household/Award, 2021 ADI Design Index/Selection, 2021 Archiproducts Design Award/Award, 2021 German Design Council Iconic Award for Innovative Architecture/Award, 2020 Contest Cooperative Innovative del Social Innovation Campus/Award, 2020 Klimahouse Future HUB Award categoria Innovation/Award, 2019 Klimahouse Future HUB Award categoria Innovation/Award, 2018 Special Award For Social Innovation SIOS/Award, 2018 German Design Council Iconic Award for Innovative Architecture/Award, 2012 Dutch Design Foundation The Green Design Competition/Selection, 2011 The Perfect Bottle Innovation Prize Award/Award, 2010 Innovation Festival Ideas On Award/Award, 2009 LED Light Exhibition Design/Award.