Alcon Fildelity POS / Device for loyalty programs management

Alcon Italia
When signing up for loyalty programmes, people must often face lengthy and daunting filling in paperwork. Alcon asked us to design a product that would change this. We created Alcon Fidelity POS to simplify and speed up registration for loyalty programmes, creating a unique tool subject to an international patent. Alcon Fidelity POS allows registering for a loyalty programme and taking advantage of it in just a few seconds: it scans the barcode of the customer's ID and products, then prints a receipt. It has a dual-screen, one towards the optician and one towards the customer, directing to each the information needed to enjoy the maximum benefits offered at the time. We thought of Alcon Fidelity POS as an instrument necessarily equipped with digital intelligence, with a touch interface, network connection and barcode reader that maintains a physical exchange dimension, in the form of receipts explicitly created for each customer with messages regarding dedicated promotions. We designed Alcon Fidelity POS in every detail and organized and managed its production until it was delivered into the customer's hands and their network of opticians.
Italian Invention Patent N°102020000008266