Fastweb NeXXt / Internet box + Wi-Fi Booster

Fastweb, Sketchin
From a purely functional object, the wi-fi router has now become a fixed and central presence in our homes: the idea of considering it as a piece of furniture with aesthetically attractive characteristics began to emerge when Fastweb asked us to design NeXXt. We paid a lot of attention to its shape to make it the first router capable of occupying a prominent place in our homes. We were inspired by lotus flowers, whose petals are oriented upwards and are reflected vertically in the water on which they float: in the same way, the volume of NeXXt develops vertically, lightened by the particular faceted surface and a horizontal line of symmetry. Another critical aspect of the project is interaction: NeXXt is also a smart speaker, with a loudspeaker, Alexa keyboard and frontal luminous feedback that emphasises its activation; it allows users to personalise their connection and provides information on internet use, helping them to adapt consumption to their actual needs to reduce environmental impact. We imagine it placed in the centre of the room like an interlocutor and a tool that increases our awareness of smartness.
IF Design Award 2022 - Product Design