Fybra Home / Smart device for home’s air quality monitoring

The air we breathe, just like the food we eat, is crucial to our health. However, assessing air quality is often tricky, particularly indoors, where we spend most of our time. Following on from Fybra Space, designed primarily for public spaces, Fybra conceived Fybra Home. This intelligent device monitors air quality shielding us from eye irritation, dizziness, and the transmission of viral diseases. It improves concentration and productivity by simply inviting us to open the window to ventilate the room. Fybra Home also employs a colour system for immediate interpretation of sensor data, lighting up blue when the air is good and red when air recirculation is needed. When first installed, the algorithm automatically adapts the reference values to its application space. Imagining the air flowing through and shaping the intelligent element capable of analysing it inspired our design for Fybra home. We conferred a basic yet sophisticated shape, enriching the soft surfaces with a pearly finish in dialogue with the light emitted by the central ring. With the work on Fybra Home we foster its positive impact on people's lives, encouraging them to cultivate good habits to keep potential health risks low. We want every home, every classroom, every office to be able to breathe.
IF Design Award 2022 - Product Design