Fybra Space / Air quality monitoring device

How important is the quality of the air we breathe? How much does it affect our concentration, our productivity and ultimately, our health? Students spend most of their time indoors, yet schools lack the tools to monitor the adequacy of air conditions. Fybra created Fybra Space to fulfill a need that we all felt as students, and more so with the Covid-19 pandemic, has become pressing in offices and public places alike. Fybra Space is a wall-mounted device that employs an immediate color system to signal when the air is good and when CO2 levels are too high. When the LED, located behind an opal diffuser at the centre of a reflecting parabola, turns red, all you have to do is open the window to improve the air quality by restoring its proper circulation. We designed Fybra Space in a soft, reassuring appearance, with only two interlocking components: we wanted its shape to resemble that of a nostril, a kind of digital nose that sniffs the air we breathe and looks after our health.
Klimahouse Future HUB Innovation Award 2019