Vimar Rotella / Smart Thermostat

The evolution of functions in thermostats has often led to an increase in complexity, expressing a basic concept in a language that is difficult to understand: heating or cooling the environment to feel better. With the Vimar smart thermostat, we have radically challenged this approach to return to the simplicity of comfort and make the functions understandable at first glance. To do this, we made the primary and most frequent operations immediately accessible through a simple display, a thumbwheel control and a colour code applied to delicate accent lighting. We created a compact communication and control device that can be integrated into all the Vimar smart civil series. We wanted it to have rigorous and refined features so that it would be a discreet and effective presence at home or in hotel contexts, for which it is particularly suitable thanks to its quick to understand mechanical controls. All the secondary functions, on the other hand, are found on the View application. This potentially infinite space allows them to be narrated and configured by exploiting the enormous potential of digital interfaces. The smart thermostat's quality of design and execution earned its inclusion in the ADI Design Index 2021, the Iconic Award of the German Design Council and the Archiproducts Design Award.
ADI Design Index Selection 2021
Iconic Award Innovative Architecture 2021
Archiproducts Design Award 2021