Vimar View Key / Entrance management App for hospitality

Vimar View Key is a mobile app to be used while staying in a hotel or in an apartment to enter a room or to access to common areas. Through Vimar View Key You receive a set of virtual keys from your host and use them to open Vimar's wireless locks via Bluetooth. Vimar View Key was designed to satisfy the contemporary travel and hospitality habits, such as B&B and Airbnb hopitality; digital and wireless tecnologies put together to create adding value for hosts: access to facilities can be scheduled and assigned to guests in advance; guests can enjoy their staying experience with no need of meeting in person; both host & guest experience becomes elementary, intuitive and simply better. Designed to let user easily perform the main task to unlock doors locks, by using animations and by exploiting most common UI patterns, the Bluetooth connection is also used to get straight to the point: just approach the door, the app will automatically show you how to open it.