Router 3G 3 Italia WebCube disegnato da 21am. Esempio di armonia tra design e sviluppo, raffinato e compatto, dal design iconico.

3G Router 3 Italia WebCube

2010 ICT CMF Industrial design Interaction design Mechanical design Product design

When home data consumption and business connections began to grow exponentially in 2009, Tre Italia asked us to design a product that would make the high performance of its cellular network available at home, further facilitating the growth of data consumption. To offer users not only the best technology available, but at the same time, an aesthetically desirable object, we designed WebCube, a "router that doesn't look like a one". WebCube is an example of harmony between design and development; sleek and compact, easily attached to any wall socket, we designed it as an iconic object that embellishes the desk with its light base. The delicate use of light magnifies the cubic shape, while the decorated methacrylate surface enhances the technological content. WebCube is the synthesis of the role that design has for us: to create objects that are truly useful and beautiful to look at.

Attenta scelta di forme, materiali e finiture speciali per il primo router pensato per portare la connessione 3G in casa.
Un delicato alone luminoso da vita al cradle del WebCube di 3 Italia, rendendolo un raffinato complemento d'arredo.