Telefono cellulare controllabile da remoto Noon Care Talk disegnato da 21am, smartphone sperimentale per anziani non autosufficienti con funzioni assistive

Remote controllable mobile phone Noon Care Talk

2016 ICT CMF Industrial design Interaction design Mechanical design Product design Service design UI / UX

Telephony is a constantly evolving technology, crossing unthinkable barriers and making life easier for most of us. However, a portion of users, the less technological, remains on the other side of those barriers and is often forgotten in the design phase. Learning ever-changing procedures is a complex operation, which often leaves the elderly and those who are not self-sufficient feeling excluded. With Noon Care Talk, we intended to create an inclusive device for independent use by people with low technological skills and non-intensive care needs. The phone comes with basic features, easily identifiable thanks to its two-tone design. It has a memory LCD screen to combine high definition and contrast with low power consumption, an easy grip, and a backlit keypad, radio function and long battery life. Our design choices were aimed at the potential needs of users who may have arthritis or be visually impaired. We designed the operating system, which we called Sherpa OS, to guide the user in selecting functions associated with the keyboard and replicating its layout on the screen. At the heart of Noon Care Talk's design are also those caring for the users, such as carers and family members. The Noon Care platform enables remote control and device configuration, manages contacts, sets reminders and read receipts, and provides assistance while encouraging independence.

Per Noon Care Talk 21am ha disegnato anche il sistema operativo, Sherpa OS, che accompagnare l’utente nella scelta delle funzioni